Never heard of this film but feeling bored of current and the new arrivals started searching other sections. Found this with Yul Brynner and Marlon Brando in the first row […]

The thing about being a parent and trying to explain cops to a kid is a modern predicament. You would like to indicate to a tiny person that cops have […]

Hurt one of my ribs, a horrible pain that can’t be helped by Doctors, only time. Days or weeks afraid of coughing, laughing or lying down on the injured side. […]

“What’s it like to be a father?” “Good thing she looks like the mother?” “How old is she?” Regular comments after having a kid but the winner for weirdest is […]

The difference between my wife and I dressing our daughter, is that when I do it strangers say things like “what a nice little fellow” “who’s a good boy?”

Music of Banksy

There was a time when I felt big unique admiration for the Mahavishnu Orchestra, or Dory Previn or Otis Spann but nowadays I’m energized by this guy. Even made the […]

Brilliant freaky interview with Christopher Soghoian, expert computer scientist explaining who collects and utilizes your emails, your cellphone locations, credit cards and other data. Among the most interesting points are […]