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external hard drive

there was a time when i figured out how to play the solo to roundabout and my high school friends would gather round my basement room with coloured flood lights, velvet posters, incense and lots of pot and watch me play the solo in real time. thank you very much but now what makes me feel accomplished is finding my external hard drive all a fritz…..and then running a utility program on my mac, guessing which things to check off and which to not check off

Initialize Y/N


Wipe out all data Y/N


and ….presto it all works again. where are my stoned high school pals to applaud? gone to their respective mortgages and cosmetic surgeries.

Murder of Robert Dziekanski

Hopefully we make a video for this song better than this video.¬†TASER MURDER BY THE ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE Jared Sales is who I started the conversation with some months ago and now I’m making music for the comedy he is directing¬†GUIDANCE . Probably a kickstarter or rockethub sorta deal and I will have to navigate the world of asking strangers and friends if they would pay me to make the video. I think we need between $5000 and $8000.

What does your music sound like?

I get that question from people who meet me and don’t know anything about my music. Oh it is an awkward thing to answer. I probably say it is emotional, I write about things that upset me, often in the outer world but sometimes the inner world. In the eyes of whoever I am answering I never sense I helped them much by answering that way. I like the border guards, they always ask,

“what kinda music is it?”

“easy listening.”

they don’t laugh. i wish they would. they feel like i’m stupid. fine with me.