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Conspiracy Query


Alan Park, one of the best, started a podcast called Conspiracy Query. He sent me a link to 1d01fcdcheck it out. I thought the theme song could be more distinct; I offered to make a new one. The first thing I have to keep in check with every job I do for others is remember they might not like it. Planning to hear rejection helps make it easier to accept that they are stupid assholes who don’t get the fact that I am perfect and my ideas are superior and they are wrong about anything they feel critical about.

I’m just joking ladies and gentlemen. Alan didn’t like the song, so it goes but I liked it so allow me to share it with you dear blog reader.

A theme song for a podcast probably allows 15 – 20 seconds, probably needs the name of the show mostly as lyrics.

but then I was performing recently with 39 other people in a night of 40 one minute long pieces and the brilliant comedian Allison Hogg sung Happy Birthday to a mushroom – as Bjork. Next day I thought that Bjork singing the Conspiracy Query theme song would be much more hilarious and appropriately fishy (it is a conspiracy podcast after all).

I asked Allison to sing it stLZ8XNv

Here is one of the most hilarious videos by Ladystache (the comedy duo of Allison Hogg and Stephanie Tolev) and another sketch group called the Frenzies CLICK HERE.