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Neil Young at the Junos

neil“Let me get this straight, someone escapes from an insane asylum with a Neil Young cut out and spends the day with the cut out around Toronto. That’s your idea?”

“Ya” Says Garrett Jamieson nodding and smiling because any second I’m going to appreciate how brilliant this is.

“And Deb Robinson will produce it and Dan Tahmizian will shoot it?”

Garrett nods again.

“Okay let’s do it.”

The thing about a collaboration is you have to allow for things that don’t necessarily make sense (to me). In earlier years if it didn’t make sense to me I would expect a train wreck and then I would not move forward, I would have been discouraging toward Garrett but then how do you explain the Beatles? They hit the nail on the head so often. It isn’t about one person’s vision. Maybe the thing to grasp isn’t only the structure of great work but the dynamics behind it.  CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO featuring Garrett Jamieson and Anand Rajaram.

Acting 101

I was asked to audition for a film last week. I went to the audition. The director liked me called me back a second time, which will be tomorrow. Maybe I will get the part. Maybe not. What’s interesting is when Anand Rajaram asked me to compose music for his play in 2001 I read it and told him “If I was an actor I would love to play the lead role.” He said “Then you must!” I tried to dissuade him, I would only be curious to do it because I am so horrible at acting and I wonder why that is. ” A perfectly excellent reason, you’re in!” So I did it. I was horrible and remained clueless why I was so unable to do this thing but I observed from that experience Anand is a fantastic actor. Slowly it hit home with me one thing particularly different between Anand and myself. He was ok with looking dumb. Boooiiiiiinnnnggg! Why didn’t I see that before? There are probably many lessons in the world of being on stage. Making peace with looking stupid is huge. So I did the audition and didn’t mind looking stupid if it so happened…and she called me back.