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The Dignity Possibility

When you play out of town consider involving community radio. Usually it’s free and then there is some built in advertising. Don’t be scared of asking they are suppose to represent the community after all and you are keeping their work stimulating. Offer to make the advertisement yourself because it will be a more amusing ad.

There are too many scenarios where the club doesn’t call back, where the car breaks down, where the crowd is the wrong crowd at least have fun with the things you can control.  Maybe there are a few artists who are successful zillionaires in their field but most of the other artists hover around the poverty line. There isn’t much of a middle class in being a performing artist. That’s why the #1 rule in my delusional universe is keep your dignity.


London, Amelia Does, Corin Raymond

Last week I made an ad with  Corin Raymond for our upcoming performance in London Ontario – CLICK HERE TO HEAR . Now radio station CHRW has approved it. Excellent. Most artists don’t make the ad themselves – why not? Alternatively the station makes their own advertisement and they tend to not be funny plus they probably call me the guy formerly from Blue Rodeo which I believe about as useful for getting a crowd to attend one of my shows as would be advertising free packets of horse shit with the admission.

The other thing I try to do, to increase the audience for a show, is partner with other groups who might share some of the content and find someone local who would help out or promote it. Enter Amelia Does (see picture) Filmmaker, writer and general do-gooder (does-gooder?).  Amelia called the London Ontario Media Arts Organization since my show contain films, videos and animations. Come to each city from now on please Amelia! She is also the author of a book about Arthur Lipsett which is how I met her and Dennis Mohr – who is the director of the Mugshot film – (see earlier blog post – bobwiseman.ca/BobsBlog/?p=767)