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Mclibel during Thatcher, Bickford and Zappa

There was a time in the mid 90s that I hooked up with a few beautiful weirdos on the west coast. Adam and Kris and Carmaig de Forest. There were three or four or five tours and unique artists befriended in unlikely places like Bruce Bickford in Seattle. Frank Zappa made a film about Bickford’s work and he showed me his thick 3D library of artifacts just like in this footage.

I have tried my hand at animations, I’m primitive at best, my stuff looks like a drunk guy trying to draw. Worse actually but that hasn’t stopped me. Yesterday Jean Smith wrote on my wall about the song I wrote for the Greenpeace protestors who were sued by Mcdonalds – you can hear it here “Libelous“. Her generous compliment reminded me I have tried to make an animation for Libelous three times and never completed it.  I wish I could do it like Mr. Bickford,  but his amazing clayworks are jobs of several years, all day all night – could he really do all this and change diapers? That’s partly my query.

A lengthy song like Libelous needs a visual component. I don’t think otherwise I could hold peoples’ attention to listen to such a long story about two activists who published undeniable truths and were then sentenced to  jail terms even though the Magistrate agreed that the content of their publication was all true (the libel laws in Britain are slanted in favour of those who make the charges). In fact I don’t think you are even still reading this blog right now because it’s too long. If I’m correct just hit the like button. If I’m wrong go to your window, open it and scream we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.