bob wiseman and sam larkin

Release Party

It should be swell to release Sam’s last recordings tonight with all sorts of people from the past and present but like finishing this record what pisses me off is […]

Current Conditions

The present: Mixing The Secret Songs Of Sam Larkin and organizing promo and maybe inventing a label to release it and other works. The future: projects with Jamie Ward, Robert […]

About Sam Larkin: quantity

“Did you write anything last week?” “Ya, I wrote 2 songs maybe 3.” “Wow, amazing.” “I didn’t write 3 amazing songs …but 3 songs, ya.” “Still….” “Let you in on […]

Sam Larkin's Song

On my record Giulietta Masina At The Oscars Crying I cover the song Children At Play by Sam Larkin (famous for his love of  blending steel workers). It is listed […]