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who would expect to find these israeli’s here in nanaimo? the guy who owns the thursday camel and the woman with him who is getting her pilot’s license. i think she was not the least bit interested in talking about israeli politics etc. though he was actually very interested in 911 conspiracy theories. perhaps he has an unknown slant on it all more importantly he had very good tahini and showed me how to cook eggplant without drenching it in oil. now if only there was a crowd at that show.

fan tan alley

two nights in victoria thanks to bill and kristen. great crowd for a living room but i need 4 times that many people to make these things work. hopefully i’ll just keep doing it and shit will gather momentum from the uniqueness of the films? maybe not. the interview woman from cfuv was great. bought that bicycle shirt for magali there. yet lotus was not as amazing as the last time with courtney. in fact none of the food was. even in vancouver. what is wrong with the world?

the ferry in the morning from port angeles. memories of mark, ken and david //// floating through. killing time walking around that place. slippery elm bark at the health food store, flirtatious waiter at the internet cafe, leah’s camera forgotten momentarily at the greasy spoon.

so glad to be back in canada and not worry as much about her car breaking down. damn window cannot be rolled down. sheesh.