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Harper acts oblivious that he is made of the same stuff he ostensibly speaks out against. He spouts on about being anti-communist wanting to create a message that they ruined democracy when his legacy is limiting democracy. 

Textbook Goebells: Conservative Communications Director

No suitable words for this piece of modern day Orwell which is the norm here in the great tar-sand-stained north since Harper got the big chair. The conservatives try to sue the people who would hold them accountable for robocalls and after losing the judge’s decision –  they claim instead that they won.

Their communication director Cory Hann sent out press releases contrary to the Judge’s opinion because if you repeat lies over and over people absorb it. Propaganda 101?

Man living proof writing happens without cerbral cortex.

There is a song called The Reform Party at Burning Man. It is about Stephen Harper and the reform party. It is about the toxic parliament we currently have in Canada and those reform party losers suffocating the goodwill of Canadians and undemocratically forcing change since 2006. It is about expanding jails, shutting up scientists, lawsuits against critics, fast tracking environmental destruction for short term financial gain. All true stuff for anyone watching a wee bit.

A review emerged by someone from Burning Man (click here to read) and the writer deduced the song is about me wanting to send the  Canadian government to Burning Man… still I bet there are many people at Burning Man who are intelligent.