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Revenge of A Table

My daughter is about 9 months old. She is crawling now. Mobility is exciting but it requires an attention not unlike learning a new language or learning an instrument. You are stuck in that slow state of reviewing what you try to master. How to play E major; what is avoir vs. être. She has to remember how to balance each arm movement plus keep her head up and see what is in front of her. Hence she wobbles moves forward has a great time and then unexpectedly trips or shifts her head too quickly and experiences an impact with a stable object and it hurts. She wails. I remember this too – looking at the table top or the chair that “hit me” and wondering how to hurt it back – just to be fair.

One of the two best directions I was ever given for mastering things musical was to practice at the speed at which I could do it perfectly. Have tried to impress this upon occasional students but it’s rare anyone grasps the power of slowing down and doing it perfect. It’s about consciousness. It’s like the zen precept.  Before studying Zen a person eats when they are hungry and sleeps when they are tired but after rigourous training, study and commitment – they  eat when they are hungry and sleep when they are tired.