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fan tan alley

two nights in victoria thanks to bill and kristen. great crowd for a living room but i need 4 times that many people to make these things work. hopefully i’ll just keep doing it and shit will gather momentum from the uniqueness of the films? maybe not. the interview woman from cfuv was great. bought that bicycle shirt for magali there. yet lotus was not as amazing as the last time with courtney. in fact none of the food was. even in vancouver. what is wrong with the world?

the ferry in the morning from port angeles. memories of mark, ken and david //// floating through. killing time walking around that place. slippery elm bark at the health food store, flirtatious waiter at the internet cafe, leah’s camera forgotten momentarily at the greasy spoon.

so glad to be back in canada and not worry as much about her car breaking down. damn window cannot be rolled down. sheesh.

port townsend – little boys! pee!

what a surprise. not a big crowd but fascinating. hanging out that night with drunk drummer dude while he tried to pick up drunk single mother.he played in that band that played with the hidden cameras one time. then his friend offered us another place to crash instead of drunk guys trailer in the country. whew! but friend’s place had no fucking heat. so sad. and other drunk rap guy at friend’s recording studio. seemed scary to both leah and i. potentially violent loser dude. but then there was the quiet rocker who gave us an amazing outsider art cd. whew! and dude who set up the show was really amazing too since he received no promo yet honoured the guarantee.

by the way leah if you ever read this. i stole that dude’s cd of outsider rock.