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Patti Smith was in Toronto today

I’m in the middle of producing a record for gospel country singer Jess Reimer and one thing which has been weird during this job has been the extent to which there are some opinions directed at me to keep it straight. Keeping it straight is about as exciting as Rob Ford sharing his insights (about anything). Straight has it’s place and it’s history but reproducing old music styles is just that and not what I signed up for. I love authenticity, great arrangements, unexpected sound design and counterpoint. What a shame to discover Patti Smith was in Toronto today speaking at AGO since Jess has covered “people have the power” and it is on it’s way to being amazing once I figure out how to keep an 8 minute song interesting with no bridge. Always loved that song, fortunately Jess was persuadable to include it in this collection of crazy shit beautiful music we are in the final stages of.