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Why Isn’t the Lord’s Prayer Stevie Wonder?

I must have listened to “You Are The Sunshine Of My Life” and other songs from TALKING BOOK 10 million times before one day realizing the opening male voice on this song was not Stevie Wonder. Slowly I decided his concept was probably to illustrate two people in love, starting with a male voice and a female voice but then why didn’t he keep to the form in the rest of the song? Why when he later repeated the first, does he do all the singing instead of returning to the first form? Surely someone will read this blog to Stevie and he will want to set the record straight. I’m looking forward to it Stevie thanks.

His high pitched laughter is beautiful shortly after the congas enter. The tremelo on the wurlitzer gorgeous. Hilarious/ brilliant trumpet lines and background voices. Makes me wonder if this had to do with Burt Bacharach (or not)? It makes so much more sense to force children to experience this than the lords prayer.