sam larkin

hello ceiling

“I know about it, sure. What you do Bob, you come to the room early when no one’s there and you say hi to the floor and then you look […]

Giving Actors A Bad Name

After all these years, I can’t believe it’s a recorder. The only thing more amazing than that is that these grandpas are able to pull it off. Worst lip-syncing of all time. Not […]

Release Party

It should be swell to release Sam’s last recordings tonight with all sorts of people from the past and present but like finishing this record what pisses me off is […]

The Visit (© sam larkin, november 3, 2006) One night three days into apples We had a visitor come When all lights were gone And with almost no sound Through […]

Echolocation 1984

This is from Echolocation a zine that circulated around Fat Alberts in 1984. I think there were only three issues or at least that’s all Meg Tennant could find when […]