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Toggle Bolts 0 Wiseman 1

I ask hardware store guy what is best for strength screwing into drywall. He says toggle bolts. I look ’em over. They scare me because one has to drill a larger hole than the diameter of the screw but I grasp the logic of threading the butterfly mechanism that presses against the drywall vs. ordinary plastic plugs which expand in place.  So I buy them, get a level, drill and various bits.

I drilled holes. All looked good then I inserted the toggle bolts. Damn things didn’t seem to tighten up. In fact they came back out after I got frustrated and pulled on the milk crate I was trying to permanently cantilever. I was surprised they came out so perfectly and thought myself lucky to get them but at the same time still need to figure out what a real carpenter would do different if anything? Considered returning to the hardware store but i could imagine none of it would make sense to the guys there.

Then I realized I had screwed the bolts through the butterfly part backwards. Or at least I considered that it could be backwards, sure enough it worked. I am an amazing carpenter.