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Best Sax Ever


She once told me she has an aversion to the sounds of saxophones. Preposterous n’est-ce pas? But she isn’t alone, others since confided in me…also women….also born in the 70s…. coincidence? Maybe it’s about what was played on MTV when they were teens or maybe it was 80s radio or maybe it’s just evil Kenny G.

But herewith are 7 remedies to rehabilitate the unfair reputation this miraculous instrument has been stained with through no fault of it’s own.

Obladi Oblada. The counter point at 1:50 – is that not the height of genius? And of course the killer B parts “in a couple of years they have built a home sweet home” waa waa, waa waa, waa waa waa waa waaaaaa”

Little Richard This video and song turns me into a man who uses expressions like Oi Vey. Even though ALL THREE SAXOPHONES ARE LIP SYNCING you know, still,  it’s based on the real recording of three saxophones. (definitely they still did the choreography during the recording session)

Raised On Robbery You could simply go to the 38 minute mark and hear/ watch Tom Scott’s perfect fills which were the norm of this style for the next 25 years (SNL, Night Music etc.) or forget about my saxophone analysis and take in the whole 50 minute masterpiece that is Joni MItchell at that moment of her career.

Rock N Roll Thank the Gods of reputation that before John Lennon was murdered he made this record with California State Prisoner #G63408. I don’t know who the horn arrangement credits legitimately should go to but it’s right up there with quinoa encrusted onion rings if you ask me and it’s my blog so there.

10th avenue Freeze Out. Springsteen is sometimes another colour that the sax haters use to paint with. Maybe it’s because he was on the radio so much while they were wee the way Elton John frequently had meaningless hits on the radio while I was growing up and as a result I am still nauseated and unconvinced there is anything worthwhile about the man with big glasses and sparkly clothes who pretends to be a musician. Did I mention I am completely objective?

But anyways, Springsteen is far from Elton and even if I don’t convince anyone of that, allow yourselves to open mindedly (is that a word?) consider Clarence Clemons; the big man.

Palladium by Wayne Shorter. No words good enough for Weather Report.

Lady Madonna How many years did I listen to this song before realizing there’s a fantastic saxophone there as well, just too busy admiring the left hand pattern on the piano.