There was a Fox news host who, recently, had a kid and later on his show admitted his mind changed and now supports paternal leave – which was picked up […]

I returned to some exercises which I’ve been dutifully practicing each day. pleasantly surprised by some incremental advancement. No matter how hard I tried yesterday or days before – it […]

There is an exercise I’m working on, it’s something from the school of Art Tatum. Morphing scales of C and C# an unexpected way of hearing two things together that […]

After learning C, F and G the young man from Cameroon became perplexed when the teacher directed him to apply the sequence to the remaining keys. He said how could […]

cat has to jump at a piece of string moving, dog has to bark at a knock at the door and people have to find fault with themselves, so went […]

while learning french, often i’m noticing the threshold between not knowing and knowing and how that space doesn’t show much incrimentality. people speaking the language are either those slowly pronouncing […]

Emel Mathlouthi’s song My World is Free had a significant place in the Tunisian revolution ten years ago. I didn’t know the story until listening to podcasts to improve my […]

Working away at the writing of this school story and as it moves forward an unanticipated different complexity emerges resulting in the need to start all over, altering the way […]