There is a song Mendelson Joe recorded many years ago about being stuck and helpless. It was the first of his songs I ever heard. It led to me befriending […]

Last week the album presentation was Kanye West’s first record. It is a very vital record, very game changing for me as were records in my past by Otis Spann, […]

Got a letter from someone wanting to have a fight about a song I wrote. It was a very long time ago. They want to convince me that my view […]

I was viewing old footage of Jonathan Winters. I knew he was a hero of Robin Williams but I never noticed how much Robin Williams modelled himself after the rhythm […]

There was a woman who joined a band and thought it would be amazing to be in a band. It turned out very quickly not to be so amazing. Seemed […]

Thoughts are like magnetically charged particles. One thought leads to similar thoughts and they clump together in a particular landscape. You start to think of J, then k,l,m,n,o barge in, […]

I was rehearsing for a special concert. A musician started to show me how to play the piano the way they would. I don’t play like them. I could learn […]

There is a game I play with my older brother Ronnie, we try to placing ourselves into childhood memories and see them again, especially details, we jog our memories with […]

As the expert from Memphis, Tennessee once sung, Who’s Zooming Who? I find Matt Taibbi’s journalism so impressive whether writing about who from Wall Street is too big to go […]