She’s learning division at school but is also repelled because it doesn’t make sense to her. I was trying to show her simple equations then recognized that expression when you […]

A few people sent me direct messages about the agent business offering new people and agencies I never heard of before. That was great and useful, more useful than the […]

A few years ago, while eating lunch at Juice for Life on Bloor, Mariel Hemingway walked in and sat at a booth with her friend. Impossible not to recognize her […]

It started with me finding audio from the old film Harold and Maude, soon the algorithm played Tea For The Tillerman and I remembered that movie catapulted Cat Stevens into […]

In one particular grocery store they list every price as “great price” and then add their fee. All the time I marvel at this sham. Obviously, they want your mind […]

I know a musician who played for the troops in Afghanistan when Canadian soldiers were there. He was proud of it. Made a comment to me about his experience as […]

In my dream last night I was in a classroom and the teacher was younger than me and he gave me a plastic container of soil, the kind of container […]

In the class they were writing songs about being bullied which led to a discussion about people who don’t play fair. One said just appear as though you no longer […]