Bob Wiseman

A blinking biped in the age old tradition of song and dance.

ç How come you write up dialogues as if you aren’t an asshole and everyone else is?√ That’s not what I’m doing.ç Yeah it is.√ You want me to be […]

Just as nature positions the about-to-be-born to move instinctually through the birth canal, an intelligent choice, it positions people when very much in pain to view death as a positive […]

Sparks fly when the class discusses politics in song. Most of them identify left but at least two are right wing and maybe three are ambivalent about everything political. My […]

King of The Road came over the airwaves. I played it on the piano when I was ten. It was a cool song to learn but I never took in […]

Some people think the song itself is to blame and I understand that interpretation but either way it says something about the singer of the song, something about his/her skills […]

Last week the presentation was on I’m Your Man by Leonard Cohen. The idea is to study an album and report back on what you learned about the writer’s lyrical […]

Next the algorithm played Stuck In The Middle With You which is truly amazing because I would never have cared to remember this song except for the effect Reservoir Dogs […]

My girl sick all week, not covid but horrible cold. Easily angered if I practice piano. Tried Vicks vapour rub, tried tea and honey, tried vitamin C, tried sleeping more. […]

Those dynamics where one thing controls another and the other is oblivious, believing it is the source of its own decisions. The life of the parasitic wasp, goes round my […]