Bob Wiseman

A blinking biped in the age old tradition of song and dance.

Listening to that old Joan Armatrading record. One of her firsts just called Joan Armatrading. The one with Love and Affection, “like a moth with no flame to persuade me”. […]

Walking in High Park thinking more on the design of Joyce Carol Oates amazing book My life as A Rat when somewhere in the bushes I heard a sax playing […]

Listening to an interview with cognitive scientist Geoffrey Hinton, often called the godfather of AI. He is concerned about the rapidity of AI and when the interviewer asks him for […]

I’m currently reading My Life as A Rat by Joyce Carol Oates. It gets worse and worse. She amazes me that the characters go to such horrible places but it’s […]

Ran into a guitarist who told me he has been playing in the band doing Jersey Boys and as we discussed some of the score he mentioned the song Oh […]

Nice to listen to Gloria Blizzard talk about her writing and see her framed by the crowd like an old sage. Maybe she is. Anytime I’m in her company I […]

I like frightening the students who cheat. It seems an intelligent strategy because if you can’t prove what you sense to be true, a student who is lying can insist […]

Richard Sherman died two weeks ago. He and his brother Robert were composers for a bunch of Disney hits particularly Mary Poppins. I was in Los Angeles when that doc […]

Question: Hey chat gpt, ifd I focus on only one exercise to learn Bill Evans techniques better what do you suggest? Answer: If one focuses on one exercise to learn […]

Question: Chat GPT, what type of visuals could I record on video to play to audiences while performing improvisational piano? Answer: When performing improvisational piano, the right visuals can greatly […]