Bob Wiseman

A blinking biped in the age old tradition of song and dance.

An ageing musician suddenly developed loss of hearing, pain in their wrists and high blood pressure. He went to see a palm reader who told him he was soon going […]

Inside Starbucks, using the bathroom and there is a community board advertising local theatre and other local things, like as if Starbucks was small and genuinely interested, the way a […]

After the gig the drummer and the bass player sat around with some brandy.   I loved that last solo. said the bassist.   Thanks. replied the drummer.    Love […]

There is a problem between many parents and the kids. It happens once they see cartoons, captured by moving pictures. They become as insistent as kids can be when they […]

Legendary songwriter poet  Sahara Spracklin was at Fat Alberts open stage last night and her work figures largely on relationships, ones that didn’t work or are incomplete. Often offering ideas […]

There is a feature in Logic Pro that emanates a drummer, tonight I had some happy accidents, discovered some new methods to program it making it even more realistic. It […]

new street downtown named after a drum machine   driverless subway cars   students admitted into music schools playing music made from samples of other music that are called their […]

I heard Tea For The Tillerman as I entered the coffee shop before hopping the bus for Harbourfront. Asked the young woman who served my Earl Grey did you put […]

Overgrown ivy on the outside walls, now squirrel babies running around the attic. Awkward moving a 25 ft ladder by myself and cut 3 of my fingers deeply. Trying to […]

Director said “You read my mind. I don’t know how you did it but it’s perfect.” I could pat myself on the back but it’s so far from the truth. […]