Bob Wiseman

A blinking biped in the age old tradition of song and dance.

You live with a monster and you wish it would behave, be trainable but that’s why it is named a monster. Sometimes it destroys the living room, or breaks the […]

It’s gratifying that students had the choice between answering assignments as essays or as songs, and some chose songs. they’re decent songs too, but more importantly they’re doing the same […]

My daughter asked if using a calculator was cheating. I said if you know how to answer the question without a calculator it isn’t cheating but if you don’t, then […]

The thing I liked about Frederic Rzewski the most, besides pronouncing his surname was The People United Will never Be Defeated. So many juicy levels to savour between the concept […]

People who apologize with an explanation they didn’t do anything wrong but they’re sorry, are the most pathetic, the worst. Way to go Jason Kenney, still unchallenged for the title. […]

The grant deadline is soon and it would be very useful to apply. I was wrong assuming a PhD gave you enough to live off of, it doesn’t, but this […]

In Lloyd Price’s book he writes often on the erasure of Blackness, that people of African descent have often been eliminated re: how the school systems teach history. One of […]

There was a regular performer at the open stages in the 80s named Doug Austen who often played Lawdy Miss Clawdy on the mandolin. I didn’t find it very interesting, […]

The DJ on the commercial radio station explains to listeners that many songs sound similar and sometimes people accuse different artists of stealing from them – but how can anyone […]

There was a student who wrote a song about people, as a species, having one mind. That our apparent separation, might not be that at all. Classmates asked how can […]