Bob Wiseman

A blinking biped in the age old tradition of song and dance.

If you could enlarge the insides of a body so large you could see individual cells doing their jobs and maybe same cells have patterns in common like the lung […]

An unpopular music teacher had a business card which read there are two states of mind, being disappointed with what you know and practising.

student: do you think improvising is about the future? teacher: i think it’s more about the now. student: what’s the now? like you mean right now? teacher: yesiree bob. student: […]

Added more tumeric than ever, and it turns out to be the secret. But this was so much, like 3 tablespoons, so that’s the trick. Like the dish in the […]

Peter the seventy something year old bassist, explained when he was younger he was often frustrated trying to convince people. Sometimes they wanted him to play the bass differently, almost […]

The AGM is upcoming. Socan, like Ascap and BMI collects money on behalf of musicians if their works are played on radio, on television networks even online in some instances. […]

students were discussing music and the music business, one person had a unique spirit. she said the way the music business is positioned is like the way human beings are […]

One guy in the band didn’t see everyone else as musicians but as cellular structures in temporary form, the audience too, the furniture too, the planet too.

A student three years ago wrote a song about making up tricks to avoid disaster. When I asked her more about the background of the tale she said she used […]

Tahini, lemon juice, maple syrup, garlic powder, white pepper, water. The electric machines are too much trouble, just a bowl and a spoon made this dressing. In recent years played […]