Bob Wiseman

A blinking biped in the age old tradition of song and dance.

The album presentation today was graduation by Kanye West. It is a sure fire thing everytime I choose Kanye for students to research, that they have a more meaningful time […]

On the subway today I practised describing people around me, just simple observations and soon realized I wish I could make it homework for the kids in the songwriting classes. […]

There is a hint of new projects in the wind that excite me. You never know. It is part of what’s thrilling about trying to eek out a living as […]

At one point in the show at Burritts Rapids I said “any requests?” Right away a call out said “Maureen”. I thought no way. It is too long and too […]

Student: How can you listen to country and metal?Teacher: Why not?Student because that’s crazy.Teacher: It’s just music.Student: But they’re so different.Teacher: Maybe that’s a comment on you.Student: No. I think […]

Working on the overview of the book for school. It isn’t the way I would write a song. This is thinking through the whole thing first but it does not […]

The podcast idea is simmering. Need a certain kind of star power to truly make it hilarious. Preferably not connected to being funny. I will try my luck.

The renovation proceeds. It is much longer to do than I anticipated. Need other people and called my former students. Checked if any of them need work; some do. That […]

I think the shadows in Plato’s cave might realize they are shadows and this is not different than how music, especially when one loves it, seems to be alive.

When Trump was president I found the propaganda mind blowing of Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kayleigh McEnany but no difference under Biden. The horrible acting of Jen Psaki and Karine […]