Bob Wiseman

A blinking biped in the age old tradition of song and dance.

Started watching a murder mystery. When the first murder happens there’s tons of weird psycho music surrounding the scene. I hate that, would be more frightening to me to see […]

It was pointed out to me recently, that when you think about it, it is quite amazing that you can go see a doctor, and you might be told to […]

Went to Geoff Berner’s show, a few weeks ago at the Tranzac. The woman sitting next to me was in love and laughed at every joke or elbowed her friend […]

I have some friends in comedy and some of them are always on: no matter what I say, they have to try turning it into a moment of funny. It […]

Soloing in concert is sort of like looking both ways before you cross the street, like playing with the idea that one mistake could be fatal, like it is about […]

Teacher: Is that a good book? Student: Suppose to be. These are interviews with a dozen of the biggest hit songwriters. It’s about different methods they’ve exploited. Teacher: So you’ll […]

the thing that so amazing about improvising well, or about listening to good improvisers, is their capacity to remain there. to be in the space of heightened creativity without stopping […]

i bet stevie wonder makes a new record that blows everyone away using only the 70s equipment he made all those other incomparably amazing records with. i bet joe biden […]

Bumped into a friend while outside walking, talked about the current zombie apocalypse while keeping 6 feet between us. I annoyed her because I was cheery but I wasn’t trying […]