Bob Wiseman

A blinking biped in the age old tradition of song and dance.

Something that always bugged her was how many students never practice until one day it hit her, this is exactly her relationship with her own consciousness. She implores her mind, […]

a journalist asked a musician what’s more fun performing or touring and the musician replied it’s a good thing you didn’t ask what’s worse.  then they journalist asked what’s worse […]

The business of school often feels like a game and I try to learn the rules but no simple playbook. The nice thing about being solo is you make your […]

There are poor people who voted for Trump and who have done worse under him but they are ok to repeat the soundbites and reassure themselves. Like showing injured lungs […]

There was a tweet from Bernie Sanders on July 10th from Wall Street and while speaking to the camera a UPS delivery person passes him and without interrupting pats him […]

The orchestra auditions are done behind a curtain so that the assessment is primarily about the tone generated and the sound of the execution. To whatever extent the player might […]

The flaw in the Terminator films is the premise that someone is returning to now from the future, altering the present in order to alter the future. If that is […]

watched a tutorial on how to draw. so mysterious, why i cannot as well as i want. in the tutorial they reduced parts into geometric shapes. very similar to people […]

student: how long does it take to become a master musician? teacher: a lifetime. student: have you heard one? teacher: i have. student: live like in person? teacher: yep. student: […]