Bob Wiseman

A blinking biped in the age old tradition of song and dance.

Last Monday there was a guy who played Long May You Run by Neil Young. From the first note he sung it was clear he has spent about 50,000 hours […]

John Coltrane’s cousin Mary’s sister-in-law’s friend’s dentist heard about a band teacher working in Boissevain, Manitoba who was a remarkable improviser that practiced the same objective in life as in […]

I attended Daniel Brooks play about his life, living with lung cancer and attending a Vipassana retreat. I wrote him after to get the name of the book he referenced […]

I like playing clusters so much and trying to also be melodic with these shapes. Part of it is because people positioned as musical experts often dismiss certain sounds as […]

Started writing something in D major where I tried inserting diminished chords instead of the usual diatonic changes I might explore. Immediately reminiscent of cadences in romantic classical music. While […]

The latest issue of Improvnotes out of Guelph includes my interview with Coleman Hughes and a link to his startling video Blasphemy. There are a lot of provocative ideas and […]

I watched an improvisation at the beginning of the Sun Ra concert in the mid 80s in New York in a small theatrical space adjacent to the Chelsea Hotel. It […]