Bob Wiseman

A blinking biped in the age old tradition of song and dance.

I went through a tough time twenty years ago following a break up and I was depressed and miserable and alone and isolated, 45 minutes passed Hamilton, in the middle […]

Searching through Disney + for something interesting. I never saw the Hitchcock film starring Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren. It was awesome but sent me down an Anthony Perkins rabbit […]

Had a beautiful exchange with Mendelson Joe today. I was relistening to his records in recent days and I think his last record, 2013’s Art is the Healer, is his […]

Got my shingles shot. I knew someone who got shingles in her early 40s. She was distressed and derailed by the experience. Not me. Some rare good news from the […]

Generally art (except for music) doesn’t impress animals. You can put a painting in front of them, read them poetry, start a movie but chances are if you play music […]

The opening act for Albert Lee was Kate Taylor. I never heard of her. She’s the sister of James Taylor and one year younger than him. Her songs were good, […]

Twenty years ago after he died, they made a beautiful performance memorial to George Harrison at the Royal Albert Hall. Many obviously connected to George, were in the show. Paul […]