I was in Copenhagen a few years ago at the invitation of a philosophy professor at a Copenhagen College to show my films and sing my songs. He thought I […]

I know a musician who played for the troops in Afghanistan when Canadian soldiers were there. He was proud of it. Made a comment to me about his experience as […]

I attended Daniel Brooks play about his life, living with lung cancer and attending a Vipassana retreat. I wrote him after to get the name of the book he referenced […]

The latest issue of Improvnotes out of Guelph includes my interview with Coleman Hughes and a link to his startling video Blasphemy. There are a lot of provocative ideas and […]

Lalo entering Saul Goodman’s apartment the end of episode seven did not disappoint. Such a great bad guy. I feel like I recognize all these variations of testosterone run amok. […]

One day in the gymnasium after dodge ball, the grade three class noticed the upright piano had not yet been wheeled back to the locked closet, so small Ari Muchnik […]

Walking in the Park this morning, passed linebacker looking father with two little kids. One year old boy in stroller, three year old blonde girl ahead on scooter. She was […]

At the meeting of the Friends Of The Reticular Formation, one of the panelists said there is an argument in the head, a pleading inside oneself to change one’s behaviour. […]

one of the most amusing talking points since bernie sanders left the race is how many supporters are frustrated that he wasn’t going more for the jugular. they miss the […]

The King ran an ad in Kijiji seeking a songwriter to glorify his greatness. Three responses came in. The first played slide guitar and wrote a catchy chorus not unlike […]