The greatest gift an artist could give another artist, taking them on the road and sharing their audience. Natalie Merchant did that for Tracy Chapman.  Fast Car would not have […]

John Coltrane’s cousin Mary’s sister-in-law’s friend’s dentist heard about a band teacher working in Boissevain, Manitoba who was a remarkable improviser that practiced the same objective in life as in […]

The latest issue of Improvnotes out of Guelph includes my interview with Coleman Hughes and a link to his startling video Blasphemy. There are a lot of provocative ideas and […]

A nice surprise when I played with the Cameron Family Singers last weekend, was learning the Guy Clark song The Cape. At first I assumed it might be about Cape […]

Lalo entering Saul Goodman’s apartment the end of episode seven did not disappoint. Such a great bad guy. I feel like I recognize all these variations of testosterone run amok. […]

You select a song on Spotify and afterward, other songs are generated related to your first selection. It happened while I was driving after I chose something by Roy Orbison. […]

Anthemoessa Publishing offered Dan the young songwriter a deal. It contained many sections where Dan could receive a whopping sum of money contingent upon other events happening. If for instance […]

The famous songwriter from Los Angeles developed writer’s block which grew worse and worse, everyone worried about him and his career. His manager, family and fans set up a Go […]