The King ran an ad in Kijiji seeking a songwriter to glorify his greatness. Three responses came in. The first played slide guitar and wrote a catchy chorus not unlike […]

Desolation Row Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts Joey Brownsville Girl Highlands I like the long ones and the disregard for shorter form. […]

I have some friends in comedy and some of them are always on: no matter what I say, they have to try turning it into a moment of funny. It […]

Teacher: Is that a good book? Student: Suppose to be. These are interviews with a dozen of the biggest hit songwriters. It’s about different methods they’ve exploited. Teacher: So you’ll […]

Guy in the sauna knows I’m a musician and confides in me, “I want to write a song about my problems.” “Good luck with that.” “I am a man who […]

the bad news is people, maybe young people especially, will think that band is original. the good news is i have No Woman No Cry stuck in my head again.

I do a very good job ordinarily of hardly knowing who’s who in popular culture. Never heard of Maroon 5 until Rihanna declined to play the Super Bowl. I like […]

Someone positioned to win a Polaris prize was talking to people at a xmas party about hating to be surprised. They said you should never edit something after its been […]

Looking at Ted talks about the gut. They insinuate we have a second brain. That the gut might be controlling what we usually assume is the brain. What if the […]

I hear kids pleading to their parents “is that really true?” “Tell me honestly!” There are so many lies. Driving in a big city, people con each other all the […]