The greatest gift an artist could give another artist, taking them on the road and sharing their audience. Natalie Merchant did that for Tracy Chapman.  Fast Car would not have […]

I played a piece I wrote at the Mendelson Joe memorial in April and it was videotaped. Good thing I didn’t realize that because recordings often are a distraction. When […]

There is a game I play with my older brother Ronnie, we try to placing ourselves into childhood memories and see them again, especially details, we jog our memories with […]

With Carmaig de Forest

Carmaig de Forest and I did three tours in the 90s we shared cars, gas, bookings and places to crash. He lived in San Rafael, I lived 45 minutes past […]

I attended Daniel Brooks play about his life, living with lung cancer and attending a Vipassana retreat. I wrote him after to get the name of the book he referenced […]

I’m almost on the last episode of the new season of Better Call Saul. My favourite bad guys of all time run throughout this tv show. What next for Lalo […]

I met a woman, a grandmother, who was a violin student of Yitzchak Pearlman. She said back then he had never had a student before he told her to play […]

I played SXSW a couple times. The first time with my manager, the under appreciated Don Christensen. His company was called noise management, how great was that. We papered the […]