I’m writing something and each of my hands are like students. The left has been taught to repeat the part a zillion times, new ideas are suggested and it tries […]

People sometimes imagine life is a dream. But I am real – aren’t I? Sort of like discussions of God. I used to balk. How could one doubt something invented […]

My father’s birthday. He would almost be 100 years old. He was the only one in the family of six who did not play an instrument but he had an […]

Where next to take this thing in Bb. The beginning starts with a statement that sounds very early, one friend said it sounded like the dance music of the 17th […]

I know someone with depression, some say they may be suicidal. In Socrates time they would say they that had a god inside them or a demon inside them that […]

the old composer tried to write a piece to prove humankind has free will so he started something in F#. later asked himself why he chose F#, then answered himself […]

Walking in the park, trying to listen to the environmental sounds like a concert. Makes me think about moments where composers (or improvisers) present sequences of sound as if random, […]

Saw the Joker. The score was awesome. Wonder how much was the director’s vision, how much was the composer’s? How much was them fighting about it or not? A lot […]

Listened to a guy other night at the open stage perform with a machine that starts/ stops loops easily. It had a pitch shifter built into it, his voice could […]