While awaiting a rejection letter from the music faculty of the University of Western Ontario regarding my application, I have been developing a course concept. It revolves around teaching music […]

While putting my daughter to sleep she told me she fears strange sounds when she is alone in the house. I reassured her about the origins of some pipe sounds […]

At one point they moved the class of young jamming musicians, from the college to a commercial rehearsal space where they had several rooms, each with a theme. The room […]

I watched an improvisation at the beginning of the Sun Ra concert in the mid 80s in New York in a small theatrical space adjacent to the Chelsea Hotel. It […]

At the secular Jewish school my daughter learns things about Jewish history, which I hope makes her feel different than Drew, a kid I knew in high school that was […]

I met a woman, a grandmother, who was a violin student of Yitzchak Pearlman. She said back then he had never had a student before he told her to play […]

You select a song on Spotify and afterward, other songs are generated related to your first selection. It happened while I was driving after I chose something by Roy Orbison. […]

x: i keep trying to do that exercise but i have no luck, i’ll never be able to play those patterns.y: try again, don’t be fooled by your thoughts.x: but […]

There used to be regular arguments in music stores about the quality of the sounds of sampled instrument or else the quality of digital recording vs. analog but haven’t heard […]