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mugFor the 2cnd year in a row, a film I scored gets a premier spot at HotDocs. Yippee. Here is the trailer for the film which is about photography – mugshot photography.

Best part for me was the Andy Warhol connection and especially sound poet John Giorno. I didn’t know they were lovers. I remember Giorno’s triple album with Laurie Anderson and WIlliam Burroughs where he recites poems through double digital delay. Probably the Korg unit, might even have been called a triple delay if I remember right.


April 28 at 7 pm @ Isabel Bader theatre
April 28 at 4 pm @ Isabel Bader theatre
May 3 at 1 pm @ Scotia Bank theatre


  1. A guy that I went to high school (Choate) named Michel Negroponte did a film on Giorno. he recited his poetry in the NYC subway. I think it’s on YouTube. Worth seeing


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