Layers of Weird

First Bill Cosby was drugging some woman backstage.

Second the camera is hardly on the person it should be on IN SO MANY INSTANCES.

Third – Donald is this why you didn’t tour?

Fourth Bill Cosby is drugging another woman backstage.

Fifth when did Roger Daltry get a younger brother lead singer?

Sixth why is Walter hiding? elliott_randall-elliotts_island HL_DDS_0000000000542342


  1. I did my first run ever this year here in Powell River. It’s a cross country 29km trail run on the almost famous Sunshine Coast Trail. It’s a free event (not a race) that happens every spring. I had pretty good cardio from mountain biking but I didn’t prepare at all in terms of running. In fact I had never really jogged in my life. Also I have never owned anything by Steely Dan. Not even reelin’ in the years on a mixed tape. At around 20km I started getting euphoric from the exhaustion and Reelin’ in The Years started playing on a loop in my head. Especially the guitar solo part. It was profound to hear it in my head and just fall for it head over heels. I’ve only heard it on the radio and never paid much attention while it played. But at that moment it was the only thing on my mind. It became so beautiful (this song that I’d heard so many times but never listened to) that I started to cry while I ran. And then for a moment I realized what was happening. I was crying to a song that I didn’t even really know or have any attachment to, but that didn’t stop it from continuing. A that was weird and wonderful. I had to walk/jog the last 5km and my legs were trashed for the entire next week.


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