nothing but Earth

Realistically, everything is from the Earth, like rocket ships. Everything man appears to make comes from using parts found or transformed but always originating from the Earth. It made you and you are just one more thing it made, one more creature. Some winged, some underwater, some jump tree to tree or fly and us with brains programmed to believe we are separate from the rest and cosmic prize to boot. Everyone busy believing they star in a own movie (guess what it is about). What if in the beginning there was no beginning. The reality of where we are and what life is always was. What if this store has no complaint department, nothing except Earth. The Earth made/ makes everything and yet many don’t think about believing in it as opposed to a being, a grand poobah. There is an animation I saw about John Cage’s work that really nailed his points about music which started with his quote, “try as we may to make silence, we cannot.” 

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