in this course we will study songwriting

Years ago my then lawyer, Chris, took all the usual language when you are hired to score something, all the points that make no sense and require a translator for us English speakers, that insinuate you have no rights and sound like a prison sentence. Chris drew X’s through many of those paragraphs and substituted simpler clearer language. It was inspiring. I realized I had been intimidated to forget to think what’s wrong with making it simple and clear; nothing wrong with that. Often people acquiesced and many items were changed. Recently hired to teach a course on songwriting. The description they already have reads, (Course # xxxx) is designed to help students develop a professional songwriting process, free from the conceptual prisons of “inspiration” and “self-expression”. The process developed in this class frees writers from the paralysis of endless narcissistic second-guessing, and takes the pursuit of “perfection” and “virtuosity” in songwriting as a creative morass designed to keep artists stuck in comfortable and unchanging creative “hobbit holes”. Songwriters must not just embrace — but actively seek — endless change, and rid themselves of the instinct to form value judgments about songcraft (both their own and others’): there is no ultimate songwriting destination, only waypoints on an endlessly winding and unclear creative path, that stretches on into the dark ahead. Course # xxxx provides tools for songwriters to travel that path with ease, to make endless change (a.k.a. growth) their creative homes.
I would like to reach the Dean, suggest a rewrite: in this course we will study songwriting.

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