the bald man with the last words

The virus and the directions to stay home and all the suspended jobs, illuminates how capitalism has been invisibly bleeping along, present like daisies in the grass as if it was natural instead of what it is, made by humans. Now bright lights shine on its inefficiencies making one wonder about alternate universes. Epidemiologists spoke about this inevitability for years but until it actually happened people wouldn’t legitimize the kind of planning we’re now thinking through. It’s like suddenly all the country stations and all the AM stations and all the elevator music inside institutions replaced with Bitches Brew, Birds Of Fire and Nunsexmonkrock. Recalling the Star Trek episode when they encounter an alternate universe with almost identical Spok except evil with a van dyke. Am looking forward to encounter with alternate Glass Tiger led by toupee-less Alan Frew singing through uncapped teeth “forget me motherfuckers, my heart’s invincible.”

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