While teaching piano to an eight year old, she chooses inefficient fingering despite careful slow demonstrations. One’s instincts are to show the learner the simplest route. Accordingly, find myself interrupting and citing different fingers or else touching different fingers to promote the “correct” way to achieve the melody or else I repeat negative curses no. no. no. not the ring finger. no, not the middle finger. Eventually, it dawns on me, even though I’m trying to make her future easy, if I shut the fuck up and let her do it her own way, despite my criticisms, that her brain is trying best it can to execute the problem. Some future day she might change her fingering, she might realize the advantage on her own and maybe all learning is just that moment when you realize for yourself. Plus, I suspect all my admonishments just weigh her down like asking for directions in a strange city, sometimes a native insists you adhere to their knowledge but if one can’t follow their language, the many lefts and rights on streets one doesn’t yet know, why not go the long way if it seems more understandable and you feel in control.

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