Added more tumeric than ever, and it turns out to be the secret. But this was so much, like 3 tablespoons, so that’s the trick. Like the dish in the Ethiopian restaurants and many dahls I never reproduced well. It’s like someone showing you the arpeggio was done with just two fingers, of course it’s just two fingers now I can do it too but never guessed it this simple. It’s always imagined to be super complex and it’s always later understood to be simple. I bet brain surgery, rocket science, being a polyglot are all super simple if it’s what you do. Sometimes people act amazed by something Rochmiel Nacham did musically. He says it’s the biggest lie in the world to agree with them and accept praise as if he did something hard. If it was then how did he do it, since he didn’t find it hard. He says that’s not bragging it’s just the simple difference between knowing something or not knowing.

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