brain friend

A musician on Facebook got a request from his brain. He accepted and was amazed by all the pictures his brain had in their timeline that focussed on him. He wrote them a message asking how they got these pictures and the brain replied you don’t know? He thought about it and then felt foolish. Of course if it’s his brain it would have pictures of him or are pictures of him actually pictures of the brain? He started to wonder if this is really his brain or a scam? Next he got another message from brain, remember that time you got stitches on your forehead when you were a kid? That was me. And that time you got into a fight in the schoolyard and didn’t know how to punch? That was me too. And when you started to play drums, when you made those fills that people were impressed with and you became more confident and secure in music? Me again man, anyway it’s nice to reconnect.

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