dissonant counterpoint

Pete Seeger’s father wrote about dissonant counterpoint. I totally get that and must look over his works. My religious friend wanted to interview me and other atheists for a project she’s doing, maybe it is a podcast or a music collage, hard to say with her but her past musical works are stunning. She believes people talk to God and I believe they talk to themselves. I think it’s worse, that our cacophony of inner voices includes some determined to always find fault while others are determined to always overcome. I think they have equal weight and if there is a cure it lies in temporary relief, from the radical consideration that thought is impotent. That’s why Zen koans have the meanings they do. Because the mind is a non-ending thinking machine, they supply it with directions just notice thought or notice breath or the sound of one hand clapping. Dissonant counterpoint seems a very good way to musically place it.

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