latest try at getting an agent

I thought next winter I could tour and I asked Michelle McAdorey if she would like to do dates with me. Together I thought we might be a good show, two sets, one by each of us. I could foresee some media liking to promote the fact that we are still alive and kicking though both having histories starting earlier. She said yes. So, then I started looking for an agent. No luck. I called Jonathan Simkin, the lawyer for Nickelback (because I got his email from Carolyn, thanks again Carolyn) and because he always answers me and he said call Jeff Turner. I called Jeff Turner, crickets. I called again, louder crickets. I wrote to Sandy Pandya who manages Serena Ryder and who also always answers me and asked if she had a recommendation, she did – Nicole Rochefort. Eventually Nicole got back to me, she is too busy. Too bad. Where should I look next? Where might I find an agent capable of booking Western Canada and resourceful enough to deal with small places like the Abbey in Cumberland or the Western Front in Vancouver, The Dream Cafe in Penticton or the West End Cultural Centre in Winnipeg? Does such a person exist and can I persuade them to believe doing business with me might be pleasurable even meaningful for all?

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