who’s practising who

Those dynamics where one thing controls another and the other is oblivious, believing it is the source of its own decisions. The life of the parasitic wasp, goes round my brain. Am I in that position when I practise? The body doesn’t necessarily want to practice but I make it go there. I’ve never understood that rasta term the I in I. Do they mean to say there is no such thing as I? Probably not. Probably they mean an individual being one with the big cheese. If that’s correct then they’re also saying we are influenced by the unseen hand of the grand fromage. Like everything is a mirror of everything. Mon Dieu, c’est pas possible! You don’t mean when I behold the fly it is like the Moon beholding the Earth it is like the blood stream beholding the cell? My friend Lou doesn’t like that idea because she thinks it means we are insignificant but if we are insignificant, why isn’t that also amazing to her?

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