everybody had a wet dream

I watched the rest of Get Back. I love those guys. John Lennon particularly amazes me. I never realized he is playing the solo in Get Back it always sounded like a call and response solo. I assumed him and George but in fact he plays both parts. Never saw footage of him or Harrison playing solos until this doc and so enjoyable. Harrison’s line on Two Of Us kills me, mystery solved and the counterpoint in Don’t Let Me Down is awesome. Specifically while singing “I’m in love for the first time” Harrison and McCartney move in unison so deliciously as is the Row Row Row Your Boat style of integrating two vocal melodies in I’ve Got A Feeling. Lennon’s sense of humour is the big payoff. At the end of the doc, while McCartney is singing Let It Be, the camera stays on John’s expressionless face simultaneously mouthing each word of the song at the camera like the alt version of a robot. During Don’t Let Me Down he forgets a verse and just makes up gibberish without stopping. It’s a great example of a natural improviser solving his own problem, no reason to throw a hissy fit or cry about it, better to be creative. Both McCartney and Harrison upon hearing it smile, they’ve seen this many times before but are still both surprised and tickled. Lennon’s understanding about improvisation is stellar, even earlier in the film, when George is composing Something and complains that he doesn’t know what to say yet, Something in the way she moves reminds me of… he shares his frustration he knows not what and Lennon in two seconds days “reminds me of a cauliflower”. He’s so right to not get hung up and keep flowing in your writing, you can always edit later. So many get derailed believing they must write perfectly formed songs or else they’re no good. The new students always do this. Suspect they are failures instead of realizing they’re improvisors.

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