Samuel Jackson

My Big Kahuna Burger t-shirt came in the mail today. I’ve wanted to buy it for a long time, at least since the 2cnd or 3rd time I watched Pulp Fiction. Next week the album presentation is Leonard Cohen, yesterday it was Liz Phair. They didn’t all understand the point of why Liz Phair wrote some of her songs. Lively class discussion. Coincidentally, the night before I finished an interview with Mary Harrington about her book Feminism Against Progress which I plan to review a couple more times. She gives much to think about between the feminism of freedom vs. the feminism of care. There is a song in one of those Liz Phair tunes where she questions how she ended in the morning, in a strange bed, with a strange man. She curses herself for the hollow experience she previously demanded to never let happen again. I found myself trying to retrace how Harrington drew the line from the pill and the sexual revolution to contemporary times because it relates, at least in part, to what Liz Phair’s character is realizing in that song. One student told me she played the record to her friends and they didn’t understand it but she didn’t mind because she herself did. I get it, people pass me in and think I’m only recommending a hamburger.

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