student journals

Reading through the student journals. Fave so far was the comments from one guy after studying Miles Davis’s record Bitches Brew, “There is no side of you that’s listening that’s separate from the part of you that is talking. We are wired up to be talking to ourselves. It’s brain activity and the brain activity is to experience the listening to thoughts generated from the brain under the assumption that the part of you that’s listening is the real you, but there is no separation. The brain is both the thing generating the thoughts and the thing receiving the thoughts and in truth there is no space occupied by something called you, receiving the thoughts that is any different than the brain itself generating the thoughts. The bigger picture is that illusion of you. We experience the verb of life, the verb of being. There is no separate space occupied, we are a verb being a verb. Trying to comprehend this is for the most part, impossible. That’s what I get from this record.”

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