Dreamt I was in an airplane, in the pilots section, I was a friend of the pilot and was viewing our flight through larger other windows. I saw other planes in a row nearly touching each other and I mentioned to my pilot friend how dangerous that looked to which he assured me it was very intelligent. I wonder what that means within the dream. And then at a certain point I realized we had landed and I was unaware of the landing contrary to any other time I am in a flight. The landing always makes me grip the sides of my chair, it’s fun but I can’t shake the fact that I’m also concerned and alarmed when something that weighs tons lands and might fuck up. Like when someone you knew as Charlie now says their name is Zigfrid. I try to call them Zigfrid but they are always Charlie in my mind since I knew them that way first a long time. And then I was soloing and then Brian Jones was playing a very good electric guitar solo based on the use of his pinky and then he was viewing me on the keyboard and then I was upping my game because I was being viewed and tried to make my keyboard solo more exciting and harder to copy.

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