Where next to take this thing in Bb. The beginning starts with a statement that sounds very early, one friend said it sounded like the dance music of the 17th century. I know what he means and for me that is boring but not boring to play, on the contrary it is quite hallucinatory because I am generating two or three voices moving together. Then it transitions into something with a more modern sense of melody though still historically the goals of earlier periods. The problem lies in what to do third because if I return to the opening ideas it sounds forced. I just can’t get behind a way to do that without it seeming heavy handed. What I decided upon was playing unusual chords together. Things which on the surface seem dissonant like B major and A major or Ab major and C major. I was enjoying this very much but something about how jarring it is left me on the fence about how useful it is in sequence with the earlier parts of this piece. Then I realized the fantastic shift that happens when one plays two chords not diatonically connected, plays them in a pulse like way and after a few bars just remove either hand. It is very magical to listen to the dissolving dissonance. Not even sure I should call it dissonant in the first place. Like giving the ear something without sugar and then sweetening it and then taking it away, then sweetening it again.

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