current conditions

Working on the podcast I hope to find a future home for. My friend Mani said don’t pitch it, just make 4 or 5 episodes that show it works. I agree with him and have made a first sketch that came upon a dead end. Then an unexpected jolt of ideas came from around discussions with other creatives. In music I often thought (when young) I could figure everything out myself, “I need nobody’s opinion” was essentially my mantra yet over and over I encountered works of art, more than just in music, that owed a debt to something beyond the aesthetic of one person. The short story is there is even less objectivity about understanding different sides if you only stay in your cave. Checking the same creation with others almost always provides unexpected feedback nurturing the way the driver thinks about road conditions or what is around the corner. That Geoff Emerick book from thirty years ago was my first hint, they had a zillion take of every song. It wasn’t too many cooks spoil the soup but under certain conditions, improve it.

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