summer session

Hi Everyone.
I am looking forward to meeting you Tuesday and we will discuss the syllabus. I notice each semester some students are not sure what this course is about. It is about lyrics and various ways of writing them. Here are some details that should help you find your footing.

i) You perform. You get up in front of everyone and either read some of your writing, or if you are creating music, you perform it.

ii) You stand in front of the class and explain a story about a song that changed your life.

iii) Together with two other classmates, who probably you never met before, you make a presentation about a musical recording .

iv) You write in a daily journal which is handed in at the end of June. Entries of daily lyrical work.

v) There are eight written assignments requiring you to write 500 words. At first they happen once a week, later they are every two weeks.

vi) There is no final exam.

People who fail this course have something in common, they do not submit all the assignments.
tra la la

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