my heart is in the highlands

For the job they want me to do a lecture. I guess that is their way of determining what I am like as a teacher but the truth is I do not give lectures. Students would go to sleep, turn to texting, leave for the bathroom. My evil plan is keeping them engaged by creating different situations. Sometimes as smaller groups answering prompts or showing them videos or listening to this or that music or get others to perform – all to make points about learning that are interesting. I wonder if that is worth explaining or if it outs me as not straight enough to work here. Depends on who is judging. One of the men I met at the book club soree is up for a similar job. It is all rigged he said because of going through this many times before. He elaborated on the stakes between himself and the other candidates who sound less experienced. I suggested he lie his ass off or at least play it like Bob Dylan did in the amazing Highlands, “wouldn’t know the difference between a real blonde and a fake.”

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