Planning the PhD inspection. Feels pretty good to me but whenever something feels pretty good usually it means you are oblivious about how things could fail. Like the time the motor died in Banff or was it the transmission? My mechanic is the greatest mechanic. He charged the A/C in my car two days ago and when I asked him how much I owed him he said it was ok Bob. So damn unToronto of him. He did fix a bunch of stuff recently that I paid him for but still, charging up the A/C and not asking anything. Life is an improvisation or so goes the main point in my PhD inspection. Probably better I put it this way, “I am exploring the question of how improvisation alters consciousness.” It does trouble me a little that some people might not find it acceptable. They might say how can you prove that life as an improvisation? What can I say to them? Can you prove it is not? Like the fact that you do not really control anything, that you might be in a car accident later today, that the forecast might change to thunderstorms, that your friend got cancer…that the unknown is all that is known and therefore one adjusts to the unexpected as one also does in a musical improvisation. There is no difference just a spectrum of being good or bad at yoga, outside or in.

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