Watching an old interview with Colonel Tom Parker about Elvis and he never was involved with selecting any songs. Reminds me of the older recording of Frank Zappa explaining how the older music business was less intrusive to artists. It made more sense to leave the kids to do their art and the business to the business people. Another professor type person tells me I should plan on being asked what I see happening in the future of the music business. I am disinclined because I know I don’t know. Why tell young people we know the future? There is a lot I find uninteresting that is also very popular. I am more interested in telling them that, not to insinuate they are incorrect but to address taste and aesthetics and who is paying who to advertise this or that nursery rhyme? But who would hire a guy that can’t tell the future and doesn’t mind explaining he doesn’t agree with you? Egads and gadzooks.

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