blind assasin technique

Rereading The Blind Assassin. It is very helpful for the writing I am trying to do at school, to keep reading whoever I find inspiring. This is as close as one gets to jamming like a musician when you are writing like a writer. All those authors say so in their lectures or interviews. Just keep reading all the time in order to hone your craft or get better at it and rereading this book makes some of her technique apparent. Makes me want to create exercises for the students in my songwriting classes but I suspect they won’t find it impressive. Certain things have no eureka moment until you passed a million times and perhaps one day it hits you. Their strength seemed hidden when it never was not out in the open.

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  1. “Certain things have no eureka to them until you’ve passed them a million times and one day it hits you that their strength is how they seemed hidden when in fact they never were.”

    so true.
    that, and needing to be reminded of things we already know



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