Less than a week before classes start and my new course only has 5 students. Probably the school will cancel it for lack of bums in seats. Wish I could reach students who do not know how good this course might be. We go from Dustin Hoffman’s Lenny to reading Slaughter-House Five, from listening to Canadaland episodes to viewing South Park. They probably cannot surmise any of it from only reading course outlines, “The study of “censorship and media” focuses on examining the control and restriction of information, ideas, or content within various forms of media. It explores how governments, institutions, or individuals may attempt to suppress or manipulate the flow of information to influence public perception and maintain authority. This field of study delves into historical and contemporary instances of censorship in media, the implications on freedom of expression, and the impact on society’s access to diverse viewpoints and information.” It is like the difference between the language used to try convincing a grant jury ytou are worthy vs. playing your music to people who love studying and listening to music.

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