Trying to fix up the empty apartment. Tiles, carpets, floors, fixtures, adhesives, switches, bathtub, shower, sink, mosaic, fans, fire proof this and that and so much garbage. As usual, it is all Gary. He has done so many jobs over the years. He knows every detail like some people know every microphone. I met him through Graham Kirkland at a Rivoli show in another lifetime when Graham was not yet as committed to Mutual Finds as eventually would be his destiny. Through the years of reno projects, I knew he played guitar but one day he asked me to trade him for studio time. He and his girlfriend wanted a recording of him singing Till, a once famous song though I never had heard of it. It was a moment like a rabbit pulled out of a hat and if you were there you are stunned. It is his voice that was so surprising. Very very beautiful. It was ten years ago and never finished. Now he is on harder times. His truck isn’t working and he doesn’t have enough to fix it. It is somewhere in the countryside while he seeks work on the other side of sixty-five and at the same time am I the only person who knows he has a super power, that singing voice. Tomorrow the walls get primed.

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