a stream of last night

Show last night, piano only, added a mirror otherwise it was the pianist’s back facing audience, song sequence issue driven content or else la coer, never sung either french song, the beatles or neil diamond but was ready in if the moment presented itself, played sam larkin’s children at play and mendelson joe’s canary in a coal mine, read from the book, couldn’t get everything as right as at home but doesn’t matter, talked to the electronic musicans about Tracey in Toronto and her water filters and the other guy’s fatherhood experiences with suicide, changing gender, divorce and Esmé’s first baby-stitting job last night, could not get out of kitchener, closed on ramps to the 401, endless attempts at leaving and old classmate, one who needed to attack, ready to show off memory loss, the vibe of people lying on floors, being in a living room, a kitchen party in kitchener, nice to think these are the same lands where Rick Danko and Richard Manuel were raised.

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