In the business class today there was a lot of talk about Neil Young’s earlier stance against Joe Rogan. The general feeling among the students was that taking a stance such as Neil Young’s, removing his music from Spotify the last two years, does not work. I disagree. I see it like you might have a job and find the boss corrupt and maybe you quit to protest and maybe the store is still standing but that doesn’t mean you lost the fight. There is something to be said for dignity. Quitting a shitty situation has a way of preserving one’s self esteem, no? None of my students know the music of Neil Young or Joni Mitchell who they brought up because she was in solidarity with Neil, removing her music too. I kept thinking about the fact they believe it is pointless to protest and then after the class I realized there is another way to protest. It is actually custom made for musicians. Write a song about the problem and name names! Isn’t that juicier? I sent them an announcement with links to EMI by the Sex Pistols and on the subject of maintaining one’s dignity in the face of people who insult your intelligence Ballad of a Thin Man by Bob Dylan and even though Joni Mitchell’s Free Man In Paris isn’t about seeking to shame, it is still an interesting exercise in applying one’s craft to illuminate the business person and/ or make them vulnerable, whether they like it or not.


  1. There is nothing honorable or noble about what Neil did. Censorship and blocking of the free flow of ideas is quintessential totalitarian behavior of the modern Left. A lot of Joe Rogan’s ideas make a lot of sense. I could argue that Barack Obama’s rhetoric was dangerous for fanning the flames of the racial riots. Or Noam Chomsky’s ideas are dangerous for corrupting young people’s minds about Israel or turning them into brainwashed Marxists and Feminist loonies. Of course someone might say: “hey I like what Chomsky says and it makes sense.” Well a lot of people feel the same about Joe Rogan. But the Right loves free speech and hates censorship. That’s the difference. We all think we’re correct. You don’t see the Right doing what Neil Young did. The Right welcomes ideas and welcomes freedom of thought. The right for people to hear all the arguments and decide for themselves what is correct. Not the like the Left that says: “these are the only ideas that should be available or allowed, because anything contrary is wrong.” Do you not see how unbelievably childish and ignorant that is?


    1. I don’t know Neil. Wish I did. Maybe we know him from his songs. There ain’t nothing like a friend who can tell you you’re just pissing in the wind, is one of my fave lines by him. From his view at that time, Joe Rogan was saying things Neil believed conspiracy theorist. Whether or not it is true about Joe Rogan’s talking points, I understand Neil taking a stand. He also took a stand in the 80s and supported Reagan if I remember correctly so it isn’t simple to call him a leftist. He marches to the beat of his own drum, personally I like his rhythm.


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