ignoring the skip

Saw a winter knit hat in a market which was black with two red wings. I thought it was bird-like and Magali is a bit of a bird woman, she knows the nearby birdsongs and other features so I bought it for her. She frowned when I showed her. I got it wrong, I often do. She gets it wrong with me too, though sometimes we both get it right. Not to be undone I offered it to Esmé who looked back at me like I offered her spoiled milk. So now it’s mine. They said it has devil horns. I thought it was a red winged blackbird. I went to the store and as I put it on I saw the two red wings stand up like horns. Later the security guard looked at me when I was leaving, he made a peace sign. I think he thought I was a devil worshipper and better to act like we are friends and hedge his bet I don’t make trouble. Worked with Julia Sasso earlier today. Compared notes later about the voices inside ourselves which nag like skipping records. The art of ignoring the skip.

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